Our Process

Conceptual Design

During this stage, you will start to see your vision take shape. It is our first opportunity to propose a variety of possible solutions based on the initial consultation and after reviewing the site information. Arriving at a final design is a dialogue between you and us.

The design at this stage is not a complete plan. It represents a concept. We work with you to determine which concepts to further develop into a plan that will be ready for contractors to bid. Moving prematurly to bidding at this stage often causes unexpected costs and an overall bad experience for you. However, this stage does help you gain a preliminary perspective on the cost range of the project.

The conceptual design can also serve as a long-range blueprint, in the event there are many stages to the project, implemented over time. Subsequent stages frequently require more detailed information. The conceptual design is intended to be flexible. Once everyone agrees the conceptual design represents the overall direction, additional details can be developed allow for accurate implementations.

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