Our Process

Site Survey & Inventory

If a comprehensive plan is needed, the next step is creating a drawing showing the site as it currently exists. The best source of information is the survey plat.

For residential projects, in most cases a property survey plat exists as part of the homeowner’s deed. The survey details the location and size of existing buildings, walks, etc. It also specifies the location of setback lines and easements. What typically isn't shown are existing vegetation, like trees and shrubbery, or topography of the land. Topographic information may only be needed in certain types of project, like those that involve building and construction.

Due to the high cost of construction, having a complete site spec will more than pay for itself later. Design elements can be accurately described to contractors thereby giving you more precise cost estimates and less unknowns. Depending on the complexity of the site and the intended use of the information, it may be best to have it developed by our office or a surveyor.

For relatively simple sites, we recommend you get involved in developing the site information. This has two benefits: 1. It helps save you money, and 2. It helps you become more familiar with your property. Our office is more than happy to guide you through this process.

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